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Reverse Osmosis Controller CCT-7320 ; ROC-2015 (RO-2008); Conductivity Meter CM-

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Tunisia client has ordered reverse osmosis controller CCT-7320 10PCS; ROC-2015 (RO-2008) 30PCS; Conductivity meter CM-230  20pcs and order has been shipped.

Reverse Osmosis Controller (RO Controller) CCT-7320 Characteristics:
Reverse Osmosis Controller CCT-7320 is a combined control instrument of a reverse osmosis controller and an on-line conductivity meter instrument. It can perform the operation test, status control and on-line monitoring of water quality conductivity (combining PLC controller and conductivity meter). It takes multiple anti-interference
measures, adopts unique process flow and graphical control panel with LED indicator lamp embedded, the
interface is friendly; menu-driven operation is used, multiple groups of parameters can be set and modified,
the requirements of automatic operation are met.

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